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Dynapitch is a brewery process module for accurate, continuous and automatic pitching of yeast.

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Yeast pitching

DYNAPITCHTM is a process module for accurate and automatic pitching of yeast into cold wort prior to fermentation. The
pitching operation is based on in-line volumetric measurement
of yeast and/or viable measurement of yeast (optional).
Working Principle
In DYNAPITCHTM, yeast is pitched according to the reading
from the yeast flow meter and data input by the operator i.e.
pitching rate, concentration in yeast slurry and amount of
wort to be pitched. The unit automatically calculates and
pitches the required amount of yeast.
Equipped with analyser instrument (optional), the concentration of the yeast slurry is measured by an in-line yeast monitor. Together with the yeast flow meter, this ensures that the
correct amount of yeast is pitched.
For the purpose of measurement, a dead or non-viable yeast
cell is defined as not possessing an intact (or complete) cell
wall. Therefore, there is no build-up of charge across the cell
wall and thus is not measured by the instrument.
The DYNAPITCHTM module is fully automatic with a PLC controlling the plant operation.
Some of the relevant process data displayed:
• Actual and set point pitching values
• Yeast line flow rate and pressure
• Controller settings
• Alarm status
• Accumulated yeast amount
• Selected yeast type
• Viable yeast cell concentration (optional)

Technical Data
Capacity ranges, hl/h: D3 - 200 to 400
D4 - 400 to 600
D5 - 600 to 1000
D6 - 1000 to 1200
Yeast conc. range: 106 to 2 x 109 cells/ml
(depending on cell size)
Repeatability deviation: < + 2% with analyser
Pitching rates: 8 to 30 x 106 cells/ml wort
Dimensions (mm)
L = 1.6 m W = 0.8 m H = 1.8 m
Weight: approx. 350 kg
Optional Equipment
• Yeast pitching pump
• Wort line flow meter
• Frequency controller for yeast pump
• Wort aeration system AEROPITCHTM
(see separate PD leaflet)
• Communication with other control systems
• Pitching based on viable yeast measurement

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