multi X 2500


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multi X 2500 The Allrounder for Environmental Monitoring


multi X 2500

The Allrounder for Environmental Monitoring

  • Broad range of applications – AOX, EOX, POX, TX/TOX, TOC sum parameters
  • Both, vertical and horizontal sample feeding in one system
  • High sample throughput and accurate measurement
  • Low operating costs and maintenance effort

The multi X 2500 is a multi-talent in sum parameter analysis to be applied in many areas, from AOX/TOX, EOX, and POX monitoring in wastewater, sludge, and soil, TOC – important for wastewater analysis, to the determination of TX/TOX contents in challenging organic matrices. Benefit from a simple operation, unique application flexibility, and a high degree of automation. This directly results in reliable results and maximum sample throughput at minimal effort.

Optimal Adjustment for Each Sample Matrix
The innovative double furnace technology with tilting furnace combines the advantages of both, the vertical and horizontal sample feed and combustion, in one analysis system. A design that sets standards.

  • Easy handling
  • Plug-and-start technology
  • Significantly reduced maintenance work
  • High sample throughput in the vertical and horizontal mode
  • Double furnace − optimum adaptation to each sample matrix
  • Cooled titration cell − patented wide-range coulometer for comfortable analysis and long-term stable performance
  • Speed load − highly efficient sample preparation systems enabling 24/7 operation
    Flame sensor − matrix-optimized quantitative combustion even for unknown samples

DetectorDigestion ModeGas supplyInjection VolumeLimit of DetectionMeasurement Range
multi X 2500
Cl: coulometric titration C: NDIRHigh-temperature combustion (AOX: oxygen only), (EOX/TX: oxygen/argon)Oxygen 4.5 and Argon 4.61 - 100 µLCl: 10 ng
TOC: 200 µg/L
Cl: 0 - 1000 µg
TOC: 0 - 10000 mg/L
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