multi EA 5100 for micro-elemental analysis


SKU : EA 5100

multi EA 5100 for micro-elemental analysis


multi EA 5100 for micro-elemental analysis

Your Entire C/N/S/X Lab in One Device

  • Unparalleled application variety without the need for time-consuming device modification
  • Unattended operation and reliable results with the Self Check System
  • Smart safety features and pre-configured methods simplify your analysis
  • One analyzer for all applications, no matter if the sample is solid, liquid or gaseous.
  • Vertical and horizontal combustion combined in one system

The multi EA 5100 is your flexible all-rounder for sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine, and carbon analysis in solids, liquids, and gases. Benefit from the combination of outstanding robustness and sensitivity, best service, and cost-effective high-throughput analysis in every matrix – in QC laboratories, in research, or in contract analysis.

DetectorSample quantityDigestion ModeGas supplyInjection VolumeLimit of Detection
multi EA 5100 for micro-elemental analysis
S: UVFD S: coulometric titration N: CLD Cl: coulometric titration C: NDIRsolids: 0 - 110 mgHigh-temperature combustion, catalyst-freeOxygen 4.5 and Argon 4.6liquids: 0 - 500 µL
gases: 0 - 100 mL
LPG: 0 - 50 µL
S (UVFD): 5 ppb
S (coulometry): 600 ppb
N: 10 ppb
Cl: 50 ppb
C: 100 ppb



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